Our library subscribes to the following magazines.  Each logo is linked to our catalog so you can see which issues are in & ready for check-out!


6Created especially for girls age 8 and up, American Girl magazine features advice, crafts, contests, puzzles, games, giggles, and more!


7Ask investigates the world with inventors, artists, thinkers, and scientists. Ask offers cartoons, contests, projects, Web experiments, games, and puzzles for kids ages 7 – 10 (grades 2 – 4).


7Babybug begins a lifelong love of books for infants & toddlers, 6 months to 2 years. It’s filled with colorful pictures, simple rhymes, & stories that babies & parents will delight in reading.


8Boys’ Life magazine entertains and educates all boys. Includes a mix of news, nature, sports, history, fiction, science, and comics. (Ages 7-14).


10Cobblestone is the award-winning American history magazine for kids ages 9 and up (grades 4+). Future historians will enjoy reading about many events and places, such as Colonial Williamsburg, famous battles of the Civil War, the Gold Rush, and the Korean War.


13Cricket feeds the minds and imaginations of kids ages 9 – 14. Every issue is filled with stories, poems, puzzles, recipes, and science and nature articles – all designed to stimulate the imagination and help young people discover and explore the world around them.


14This fairy tale magazine is full of magical activities, fun games and enchanting stories. Girls join all the much-loved princesses as they read, color, create and role-play.

11Fun For Kidz is an activity magazine. Keep kids busy with unusual projects to make, build, draw, cook & create. Each issue is jam packed with hours of fun-filled activities. (Ages 5-13).


16Highlights for Children delivers puzzles, science projects, jokes & riddles to challenge young minds. Characters in regular features, like Hidden Pictures, keep children coming back for more.


17Combines an extensive book review section with articles. This magazine is devoted to discovering the best books that are published for young people.


Humpty Dumpty’s Magazine is a fun magazine for 4 to 6 year-old learners. Designed to keep young minds growing & active bodies healthy and fit, it tickles the imagination with entertaining stories, games, puzzles, and crafts.


Beanz focuses on learning to code, computer science, & how we use technology in our daily lives. The magazine is written to help kids ages 8+ learn about programming & computer science, but many readers are parent/teachers who use the articles to learn alongside their kids/students. The magazine strives to provide easy to understand how-to information, with a bit of quirky fun.


18Ladybug opens the door to reading for ages 2 – 6. Every page of Ladybug is beautiful, colorful, & a delight to read. Each issue is filled with charming characters, activities, songs, poems, & stories.


19A colorful monthly magazine created especially for curious kids. Novelty and hands-on learning make a winning combination which has captivated nearly 1 million readers for more than 20 years.


20OWL is loaded with fascinating articles and amazing facts for kids ages 9 – 13. Each issue includes the science behind how things work, quizzes, contests, and topics on everyday life. With breaking news stories and mind-boggling puzzles, it’s a thought-provoking, entertaining place for kids to grow.



Ranger Rick is for children ages 7 & up. Each issue features amazing facts, stunning photos & outdoor adventures to help kids sharpen reading skills & develop an appreciation for nature.


22Ranger Rick Jr., published by the National Wildlife Federation, has an adventure in every issue that is led by Ricky Raccoon & includes games, activities & more! (Ages 4-7)


23Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine covers & highlights sports the way kids like it. Interviews with sports heroes, hilarious comics, awesome action photos & much, much more.



Zoobies is full of animal stories, photos, and puzzles for little ones! You will find it is written specifically to introduce infants and toddlers to the wonderful world of reading.


The following magazines can be found in our “Parent Shelf” collection.

1ADDitude is focused on improving the lives of people with AD/HD. Each issue contains timely information about treatment options, practical advice, & proven tips for living well with ADD at  home, school and work.


Autism Asperger’s Digest proudly offers comprehensive and inspirational articles by a team of experts with unswerving positive attitudes about people with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, sensory issues, and their abilities. Articles addressing traditional, alternative, and emerging therapies, products, educational and scientific information are the focus. Additionally, practical and real life testimonials deliver motivation and extend hope.


5Parents is written for women from 18 to 34, who have growing children. It focuses on family formation and growth including the daily needs and concerns of modern mothers. It also features information about beauty, food, fashion, home, age specific child development and more.